Discover the rich legacy of Herb Emporium, an esteemed brand under the renowned Herbs of Mexico company name. With a remarkable 62-year history, the Herb Emporium name has its roots in the company’s original title, “Herbs of Mexico: Herb Emporium.” Over the years, our brand has grown and evolved, eventually leading us to trademark the distinguished name of Herb Emporium. Today, we proudly use this brand name to represent our exceptional range of herbal formulas, teas, essential oils, herbal extracts, and other high-quality supplements.

Throughout our journey, we have remained committed to the values and traditions that have made Herb Emporium a trusted name in the world of natural health. We still source the majority of our bulk herbs from Mexico, a testament to the quality and authenticity that has defined our brand from the beginning. As such, we continue to use the original Herbs of Mexico name for our bulk herbs, honoring the connection to our heritage and the rich natural resources of Mexico.

Experience the Herb Emporium difference and join us as we continue to celebrate the power of nature, providing you with the finest herbal solutions for your health and well-being.

Quality Guarantee

At Herb Emporium, we guarantee the quality of our products. Our selection process uncovers the highest quality, most effective natural products and ingredients. All of our herbs are sourced from reputable vendors, both domestic and internationally, rigorously tested by an independent lab, and certified for freshness and quality. Sometimes this means we pay more and wait longer to find those unique items you need, but we know you share our high quality standards and ultimately benefit from our hard work.

Herbs, grains, and seeds are natural products and may occasionally vary in color and texture. This is normal and does not impact efficacy. We do not use any chemicals, additives or irradiation methods to sterilize our herbs. Herbs should be stored in a cool, dark place to maintain their freshness. As with all plant products, we recommend boiling herbs for at least 10 minutes before consuming.

State of California Prop 65 Warning: Products sold on this website contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Customer Testimonial

“I came with hot flashes, tired, couldn’t think clearly. My bones ached. Jade explained menopause formulas, turmeric root. Am so happy I found Herbs of Mexico. Also, your classes are excellent. Women’s needs, also hair, skin problems. Friends are asking what are doing making changes in my life. Life Changer! The staff is excellent great customer service excellent.”


Man Oh Man! I Came here last Sunday (12/26/2021) To get something for my smokers cough (100% stoner of Ganja).

I was recommended “Herb Emporium” capsules containing nothing but fresh herbs like mullien, licorice root, golden seal & yerba santa.

I wanted to wait a few days before writing this review so i can see the progress of these herbs capsules of doing & healing my lungs.

Let Me Tell You!!!
Cleared up my lungs ( no more phlegm or even coughing at all anymore).
I approved this business so much!! For anyone who wants to heal themselves from any illness.

Chef J.

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